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Flamenco, Boleros & Latin Singer

Jafelin is one of Canada's preeminent Flamenco and Latin singers.  Jafelin’s serious approach to Flamenco and her warm, innovative approach to Boleros, Latin Jazz Ballads, is intuitive and evokes intimate and heartfelt emotion.  Her voice is rich and unique in the way she handles tones and dynamics of the songs she sings.  Often the accompaniment is well orchestrated with a special blend of traditional instruments with new styles.


Jafelin was born in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, a country where Spanish influence is ever-present. Since her childhood, it was evident that singing and dancing were not only a passion, but a gift as well. In her teens, Jafelin studied and performed contemporary dance, and she later studied voice with renowned Venezuelan tenor Carlos Almenar Otero.  Oddly enough, Jafelin’s lifelong interest in Flamenco only bloomed upon her coming to Canada in 1996.

Today Jafelin is one of Canada's preeminent Flamenco and Latin singers. She is also popular in Vancouver’s local scene performing with all flamenco groups for almost 20 years.  In 2015, Jafelin co-produced the popular concert tour, “FlamenCubana!” where she performed with 12 great Spanish Flamenco and Cuban artists to the delight of audiences in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo. 

Passionate about Flamenco, Jafelin has continuously studied or collaborated with the highest caliber of Flamenco artists and aficionados from Spain and internationally to deepen her knowledge and understanding the essence of cante and baile.  She has the honour of being recognized and accepted as an international flamenco cantaora in Spain, a position very difficult to attain.  She has performed in Peña Canaleja with Miguel Angel Ramos from Puerto Real and other tabancos in Jerez. Tabancos like El Pasaje and El Guitarrón, and in Granada, Cueva Maria La Canastera. 

Jafelin is the founder and international ambassador for the popular worldwide flamenco website which promotes the flamenco art form and connects flamenco lovers and communities around the globe.  She has earned recognition in Mairena del Alcor, Spain from the Ayuntamiento de Mairena del Alcor for the work of promoting flamenco world wide. She has been invited to participate in Concursos de Cante in Spain annually.   

She made her recording debut with guitarist, Juan de Maria’s “Mimbre”.  Her own albums can be found on streaming services worldwide. “Tantos Caminos”, is a flamenco compilation with guitarist Gerardo Alcala and “Algo De Mi”, a latin jazz boleros compilation and “Cantos y Memorias de mi Gente”, a collaboration with the unique international Cuban band, Brisas Del Palmar, recorded in Santiago de Cuba.